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Plant based cleaning products

Seriously clean

With all the so called environmentally friendly cleaning solutions available today - efficacy, cost, compliance - it’s easy to get confused. There's a lot to consider. However, the goal is simple: Meet your sustainability targets, care for your employee’s safety, and ensure cleaning standards are maintained.


We’ve got you covered

The complete SURE professional plant based cleaning range enables you to change to a more sustainable approach and upgrade your cleaning without affecting efficacy, time, and costs.

SURE is designed for circularity.

It reduces the amount of resources taken from nature whilst limiting impacts on the environment at the same time - Over and over, every day.

That is what circularity is all about.


Plant based cleaning products SURE


Sustainably green

In a world where increasing demands place a strain on the planet’s natural resources, being a part of the solution becomes important to everyone.

SURE is our comprehensive offering of plant based, 100% biodegradable* cleaning products designed to deliver superior professional results while being safe for people. Our products are free from artificial dyes, perfumes, quats, chlorine, phosphates or oxide compounds and are formulated to achieve the lowest hazard classifications.


Welcome a more sustainable future

Our hope is that everyone can make a conscious and informed decision when moving to SURE plant based cleaning products.
We truly believe that all of SURE features make it a great choice, not only for the environment, but also for your brand, your operations, and your employees.




plant-based cleaning products SURE

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Make SURE plant based cleaning products a part of your sustainable solutions


plant-based cleaning products SURE

SURE raw materials are byproducts of the food industry 

We don’t use the land to grow specific crops to produce our chemicals.

We re-use resources that would otherwise be wasted.                          





biodegradable plant-based cleaning products SURE

SURE is 100% biodegradable* following OECD301B guidelines

All formulations are assessed and tested by an independent laboratory.

SURE products break down into organic materials.




Plant based cleaning products in eco-friendly packaging SURE Diversey

SURE packaging is made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) are reprocessed plastics from household or commercial waste.

We reduce the amount of virgin plastic in our packaging.




Plant-based cleaning products Vegan SURE Diversey

SURE ingredients are plant based from vegetal resources**

Raw materials are carefully selected from only vegetal and mineral raw materials. 

We expand our sustainability reach beyond products to stay on top of consumers' aspirations.





Dosing cleaning product

SURE products are available in closed systems concentrates

Save up to 98% on packaging compared to ready-to-use products.

Diversey dosing systems allow you to maximize safety and to control costs.




plant-based cleaning products renewable ingredients SURE

SURE products are produced in factories where renewable electricity sources are purchased

We are continuously minimizing environmental impacts while producing SURE chemicals.






Learn how SURE® cleaning products are derived from food industry waste





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* Based on an independent OECD 301B assessment. 301B is a globally recognized aerobic biodegradation test that monitors the degree of activity of microorganisms (CO2 evolution) exposed to a material during 28 days, thus resulting in a carbon material reading and the biodegradability of the product.

* * independent ASTM D6866 assessments