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Our people are at the heart of everything we do. They are the lifeblood of our business and the consistent face of Diversey’s commitment to you - our customers. 


Our people provide the knowledge and expertise that drives our partnership approach that is central to our mutual success. This is reflected in a history of products that create safe, hygienic working environments; that ensure high quality, safe products for consumers; and which help to safeguard a future that respects and protects life for all.  




Regardless of circumstances, looking after the needs of our customers is - and always will be - our priority. As challenges arise and expectations heighten for new levels of hygiene, it’s a time for us all to contemplate our response and our resources. Ensuring businesses are fit to meet whatever the future may bring is common to all the sectors in which Diversey operates. 


This is a moment of reset and renewal of our commitment to you. Our statement of intent - Protecting Life. Together. – is an expression of this process, as well as both a reassurance and reaffirmation.


What Protection Means For You


As a result, we’re placing protection at the heart of our relationship with our customers by making it central to Diversey’s concept of partnership. 


For you, this means…

  • Protecting the health of your employees day-to-day.  
  • Protecting the integrity of the processes you undertake.
  • Protecting the hygiene of your facilities.
  • And all the while, protecting the future of your business and brand.  


This renewed emphasis on protection complements our existing mission as facilitators for life. While Diversey F&B’s familiar three guiding pillars - which focus on operational efficiency, food safety and sustainability - will define, inform and underpin this new partnership commitment as we move forward together.


You and Diversey


Whether operating in normal times, or in extraordinary circumstances, you can be confident that protection is paramount in all we do. 

We will continue to provide disinfection and cleaning regimes that meet the ultimate test. 

We will continue to deliver world-class hygiene, innovation, and collaboration. 

We will continue going above and beyond on your behalf.  This is our culture and it’s at the core of our existing consultative, total solution approach.

In our partnerships now, and in the future, let’s continue - Protecting Life. Together.