Enhanced 2-in-1 Program
Cleaning and Disinfection in One Step

Enhanced Cleaning Program Diversey Enhanced Cleaning Program Diversey

Safety is just one step away


The pandemic has redefined hygiene standards for good. We believe businesses cannot simply move back to old cleaning standards. The daily cleaning operation needs to be enhanced to achieve an upgraded level of people protection.

Some research shows that the expectation to increase hygiene standards is high for most public spaces.

Cleanliness and disinfection play a significant role in making customers and users feel safe in stores, restaurants, hotels, facilities, hospitals. Customers, guests, residents, families, staff demand upgraded cleaning levels to feel protected.

To help businesses to address these challenges, we have developed the Enhanced 2-in-1 Cleaning Program.

With this program, any business can easily and sustainably achieve full virucidal protection. With a one-step operation only.  Everyday. Everywhere.


Discover Diversey Enhanced 2-in-1 Cleaning Program


Enhanced 2-in-1 Cleaning helps you respond to your customer's hygiene expectations by upgrading the hygiene standards of your facilities with state-of-the-art cleaning and disinfection technology. In just one step.



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Enhanced 2-in-1 Cleaning Program: the simple way


Take care of your business with peace of mind. Enhanced 2-in-1 cleaning program consists of 3 modules, a complete choice to keep your premises clean and protected from viruses, bacteria, in just one step.




Enhanced 2-in-1 cleaning

All you need to clean and disinfect in only one step.
The Oxivir range, powered by AHP, is the best alternative to your traditional cleaners and disinfectants by delivering full virucidal efficacy.






All in one cleaner Diversey


Special Tasks 


A choice of 2-in-1 specialty products to cover all your hygienic needs.

Degragerm 24TM Shield cleaner disinfectant with long-lasting residual efficacy (incl SARS-CoV-2). Oxivir Sporicide, powered by AHP, for high risk areas.

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Hand Hygiene

Our recommended choice for hand hygiene range includes several 2-in-1 antibacterial hand soap products.




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The most effective one-step cleaning solution

  • Reduce your daily cleaning and disinfection operations to one step
  • Ensure full protection with full virucidal cleaners and disinfectants
  • Low to no risk solutions for your staff, with no PPE required
  • Long-lasting protection with 24 hours residual efficacy
  • Sustainable products and plant-based hand care disinfectants.





Simple to implement

We deliver clear and comprehensive support material. We provide you with colour-coded wallcharts to help you train, remember, deploy and improve. Download your free copy below!


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