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As businesses' understanding of sustainability and green cleaning develops alongside target criteria outlined by the United Nations General Assembly (intended to be achieved by 2030) there are many questions for a business that wants to adopt more sustainable cleaning practices.

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Find below Diversey experts' insights for businesses who want to reduce the environmental impact of their cleaning operations, information about products' effectiveness, and ways to implement green cleaning with the right products and processes.


What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning is a method of cleaning that uses products and techniques that are environmentally friendly and promote health and well-being.

It involves using non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable cleaning products and reducing the use of harmful chemicals and disposable materials.

These cleaning methods aim to minimize the impact of cleaning on the environment and human health, while effectively cleaning and maintaining areas.

This can include cleaning practices such as using reusable cleaning tools, minimizing water waste, and choosing cleaning products that have been certified as environmentally friendly.  


How effective are professional eco-cleaning products?

It's a common myth that eco-friendly cleaning supplies are less effective than standard ones.

Certified green cleaning can be defined as the use of cleaning products and methods that are authorized by a 3rd party to meet certain environmental and safety criteria. For cleaning to be 'green', products must effectively remove pollutants and hazardous ingredients without compromising performance. 

To obtain the EU ecolabel, products must comply with performance criteria detailed in the Cleaning Product Group.

"The EU Ecolabel ensures less water and energy consumption by guaranteeing that its detergents have optimal cleaning performance even at low temperatures without over-dosing. Companies must provide documentation demonstrating that the product’s fitness for use has been tested, as specified in the criteria". 


How to make your cleaning operations more sustainable?

Sustainability is broad and can be approached in many ways.

To help you, we have listed practical tips to help you take the first step toward green cleaning.


Choose concentrated cleaning products


The concentration of liquid cleaning products reduces the amount of packaging material and chemicals being transported from production to the warehouse and final use location. 

The concentrated products allow users to refill reusable spray bottles over and over again, improving plastic reuse and minimizing waste. 

Pouches that are made from monolayer Polyethylene are a better option for the environment and easier to recycle



Choose a dosing system

These systems provide accurate chemical dosing to deliver maximum efficiency and cleaning performance.

The advantages of these systems are cost control, safety for staff, and reduced environmental impact.

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Choose cleaning products with an ecolabel

Products with an ecolabel have been assessed by an independent body in terms of durability. To get an ecolabel, the entire chain of a product is looked at, so not just the raw materials and packaging of a product.  The most famous ecolabels in the cleaning sector are EU Ecolabel (Flower) and Cradle to Cradle.

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How green cleaning improves your business


Numerous studies demonstrate that consumers have a preference for businesses that care about sustainability. This is a major business trend that is here to stay.

Following the Reduce Reuse Recycle mantra, sustainable cleaning practices noticeably impact total operational costs.

As an example, by implementing Low-Temperature laundry solutions, an On-Premise Laundry will save on water and heating energy consumption, and reduce total washing time and linen replacement, while providing excellent hygiene and high customer satisfaction.


Reduce Reuse Recycle Rethink



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More than Green

Green cleaning solutions from Diversey

Green cleaning solutions from Diversey


More than Green is a selection of Diversey's top-notch sustainable solutions, designed to help you run more sustainable operations.

Keep focusing on your business while we take care of what's precious to you: resources, costs, and the environment.



Green cleaning product formulations Diversey


Reduce the carbon footprint of your cleaning operations

More than green selected products are always

100% biodegradable and/or made from

renewable resources and/or biobased products




Green cleaning product certifications Diversey

Achieve the highest possible compliance
through Eco-certified schemes

More than green selected products are always Ecolabel

and/or Cradle to Cradle and/or Nordic Swan certified





Green cleaning products packaging Diversey


Increase your contribution
to plastic waste reduction

More than green selected packaging always

contain recycled plastic and/or are 100% recyclable




Green cleaning product operations Diversey

Reduce energy and water consumption

More than green selected products always reduce your energy

and water consumption and/or have no need for PPE when diluted 

and/or are highly concentrated and/or allow chemical-free cleaning




Green cleaning solutions for all cleaning applications

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