Hygienic Entrance Systems

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Entryway Hygiene and Contamination Control


The risk of contamination posed by the movement of personal between production and non-production areas can be reduced with hygienic gate entrance systems.


Personnel are primary contamination vectors: they move around the processing plant continuously and are in regular contact with external sources of contamination.  


Our portfolio covers several levels of intervention including sterilization baths, complete hand and sole hygiene entrances and associated sanitation chemistry. Using our knowledge of hygienic zoning principles and good manufacturing processes, we will help you determine the most effective solution for your facility.


Features and Benefits


  • HACCP International certified
  • Hygienically designed and finished
  • Plug-and-play philosophy for easy installation
  • High throughput capacity
  • Four-year standard warranty on brush hairs
  • Hand soap and/or sanitizer dosing on both sides of the hands
  • Disinfectant level indicator and empty notification
  • Integrated steps: fewer floor contact points or built-in models (floor flush mount)
  • Options for access control by turnstile
  • Right or left models available to accommodate different layouts and requirements
  • Adjustable settings and built-in automation:
    • Dispensing time of hand sanitizer and hand washing chemicals
    • Fill and refresh time of sanitizer bath
    • Running time of brushes
    • Release time of the turnstile
    • Contact time by registration and employee ID


Hygienic Entrance Options


Simultaneous Hand Cleaning and Disinfection and Sole Cleaning 


Access control systems designed to clean soles and disinfect hands at the same time. The rotating brushes clean soles while hand disinfection is regulated by sensors. Spray nozzles above and underneath the hand ensure good atomization of the disinfectant. After the hands have been disinfected, the turnstile will be released and the operator can proceed to the next room.


Hand Cleaning / Disinfection


Designed to reduce the risk of contamination entering the production area, the automatic dispenser senses hands being entered and atomised soap or disinfectant is applied. Following application, the turnstile is released to allow entry. The ergonomic, user-friendly design also incorporates housing for 5 litres of chemical and a level indicator to notify when the product requires changing.


Boot and Sole Cleaners


Ergonomically designed sole cleaner with automatically humidified brushes and sensor activation ensuring energy consumption remains low. Splash prevention also ensures that the area around the unit is not soiled during use.


Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability.