Concrete & Stone Care
Restore, Protect And Maintain Floors With Industry Leading Solutions

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Concrete and stone floors are tough, durable and long lasting but they are not indestructible.


Without proper maintenance, concrete and stone floors can become an expensive challenge to repair. Diversey offers several programs to help you achieve the lower total cost of ownership promise of concrete and stone. Enhance appearance and easily manage your concrete and stone floors with one of Diversey’s quality programs especially designed for these unique substrates.


  • Twister by Diversey
    • Restore the cleanliness and gloss of your terrazzo and polished concrete through daily cleaning! 
    • No chemicals required. 
    • Simplest and most cost effective solution on the market today. 

Concrete and Stone Care products are just a part of our comprehensive floor care line integrating Twister pads, chemicals, application tools, smart machines, training & support ensuring quality results.