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Diversey DiverCraft is a customized, total cleaning and sanitation solution specifically designed for the needs of the craft brewer. DiverCraft cleaning and sanitation programs feature unique chemistry and engineering solutions designed to protect beer quality and consumer safety, enhancing the consumer experience while improving operational efficiency and meeting sustainability metrics that deliver real value to the brewer.


Chemical solutions include cleaning and sanitation options for use throughout the brewing and filling processes. Unique chemistry offerings include detergents that are phosphate-free and some that work effectively under CO2 conditions. 


Engineering options include solutions for automatic cleaning in place (CIP), track lubrication and optimization of chemistry for reducing the impact of effluent wastewater.


In addition to our extensive array of chemical and engineering options, DiverCraft solutions also rely on a network of Diversey Hygiene sector experts – including many that come with more than 30 years of direct experience in the beverage and brewing industry. That’s why, just like you – we love beer – and we understand the challenges faced by the people who work so hard to make it great.


Whether you’re a brewpub, microbrewery, regional craft brewer or contract brewing company, we are ready to create a comprehensive cleaning and sanitation program that will not only help you brew the best beer possible – we can also help you run your business more efficiently so you can stay focused on what you love. You didn’t get into this business to worry about soil contamination, spoilage organisms or wastewater charges. We get it. And that’s why we’re here.


Download our Craft Brewing Hygiene and Sanitation Manual


Craft brewery hygiene manual


Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability.