Diversey Agriculture And NMR - Advice On Reducing The Challenge Of Thermoduric Counts In Raw Milk

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Jul 27, 2023

Raw milk is a valuable commodity, but it is essential to maintain its quality to prevent spoilage, contamination and bacterial growth. One of the key concerns in raw milk production is the presence of thermoduric bacteria, which can survive pasteurization and cause spoilage, reducing the shelf life of milk and making it unsuitable for further processing.


To address this issue, Diversey Agriculture and National Milk Records have collaborated to provide advice on the reduction of thermoduric bacteria in raw milk.


The first step in this process is ensuring good teat hygiene - ensuring that teats are cleaned and dried before milking, Parlor hygiene is also critical, in maintaining a clean and hygienic milking parlor with regular cleaning and disinfection of the milking equipment and surfaces will help to prevent bacterial growth. In addition to traditional milking parlors, robotic milking systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. Farmers using robotic milking systems must ensure that they regularly clean and disinfect the robots and their associated equipment. Finally, bulk milk tank hygiene is crucial, the tank must be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria.The following videos give practical hygiene advice for each, to help protect your milk quality.


Teat Hygiene

Parlour Hygiene

Milking Robot Hygiene

Bulk Milk Tank Hygiene


By following these best practices for teat hygiene, parlor hygiene, milking robot hygiene, and bulk milk tank hygiene, farmers can significantly reduce the presence of thermoduric bacteria in raw milk. Diversey Agriculture and National Milk Records are committed to supporting farmers in this process, ensuring that raw milk remains a valuable and high-quality commodity for consumers.