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Indulge your guests and minimize your environmental impact at the same time


Guest amenities LAPE Collection

The Lapē Collection of skin care products allow your guests to transform everyday moments into a peaceful, luxurious multi-sensory experience that enriches their body and soul.

With its universal appeal, Lapē's delicate scent lingers in the air to create a lasting impression on anyone using your washrooms and showers.

The Lapē Collection adds real value to your brand – transforming any washing moment into a memorable guest experience
LAPE Sustainable Hotel Amenities



Enhance your brand experience

The distinctive functional design blends seamlessly into any environment, offering a more sophisticated alternative to traditional dispensers.





Minimize your environmental impact

Lapē's 100% post-consumer recycled plastic products with 100% microplastic-free formulations mean you can contribute to the plastic-free ocean future and reduce landfill, protecting the planet.

Reprocessing existing plastics uses less energy and fossil fuels. Refillable options to help you further minimize your environmental impact compared to traditional amenities.


Hotel Soaps and Shampoos LAPE Collection




Drive customer loyalty

Leave guests with a unique sensory experience with Lapē’s universally appealing scent.

By offering high-quality soaps and lotions that are also sustainable, you will get a stronger connection between guests and your establishment. Refillable, recyclable products will demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.





Promote good hygiene

Entice customers with attractive skin-washing options to reduce the risk of infections and outbreaks and reduce the risk of allergic reactions with mild formula suitable for every type of skin.

Lapē’s advanced moisturizing complex formulas are phthalate-, paraben- and triclosan-free.





Lapē Collection Earth Edition


Guest amenities in hotel by Diversey


With the love of the sea and the planet, Lapē Collection Earth Edition is a new range extension of the Lapē Collection, presented in 300ml refillable 100% post-consumer recycled plastic pump bottles.

With Nordic Swan eco-certified, 100% microplastic-free formulation*, Lapē Collection Earth Edition ensures your guests have a relaxing, indulging experience, enhanced by a blend of fine highly biodegradable fragrances** and a modern stylish look and feel. 


The new products in our Lapē Collection Earth Edition range will help enrich your facilities by improving:


Guest Experience

Stylish, modern fragranced shampoo & body wash, hand wash, hand & body lotion for the best guest experience.


Environmental Sustainability

Nordic Swan eco-certified, 100% microplastic-free formulation* and 300ml 100% post-consumer recycled plastic pump bottles.

By refilling 300ml with the 5L canister made of 50% PCR plastic, you can largely limit plastic waste compared to using single-use disposable guest amenities.


Cost Effectiveness 

Largely reduce the operational costs for your hospitality assets by refilling customer-facing 300ml bottles with 5L canisters: the best quality at an affordable price and value for money.



The Dark Amber color of the bottle does not highlight the liquid filling level so there is no need to refill for every room switch, saving your staff time when preparing rooms.

Lapē Collection Earth Edition is part of our More Than Green selection. By choosing Lapē Collection Earth Edition you get the best we can offer in environmental sustainability within the Guest Amenities category. 


Indulge your guests with the sensuous beauty of Lapē collection Earth Edition, while ​contributing to a lower environmental impact ****


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* Lapē Collection Earth Edition formula ingredients contain no microplastics.

** The fragrance used in the formulation of Lapē Collection Earth Edition has been assessed for biodegradability according to OECD 301 and OECD 310 standards. A statement is available upon request.

*** Lotion has no Nordic Swan certification.

**** Through independent product certification certified by the Nordic Ecolabel scheme.