Customer Centric Sustainable Solutions

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Diversey’s Facilitators for Life approach means that we protect lives by producing innovative solutions that make food, drink, and facilities safer and more hygienic. Our close relationships with customers helps us identify inefficiencies and reduce environmental impacts of their operations as they save money, conserve energy, reduce water use, and eliminate waste.


In addition to reducing total cost of cleaning by lowering customer utility bills, Diversey incorporates green chemistry into innovation. Our biobased cleaning products use renewable plant-derived feedstock instead of non-renewable, petroleum-based chemicals. Diversey also adheres to our Responsible Chemistry Policy to guide new formulations away from materials with potential concerns.

Responsible Chemistry

Sustainability is a strategic driver for Diversey and is at the center of our value proposition to customers. Our sustainability scorecard is embedded in our innovation process to ensure we continue to develop new products and technologies that deliver sustainability value to customers. In 2017, 100% of our innovations utilized the scorecard to identify ways to improve sustainability performance. The scorecard uses a holistic, life-cycle-based approach to focus R&D efforts. The scorecard has demonstrated added value by initiating dialogue with Diversey Marketing to find added value for these projects.


The scorecard has three technology platforms: chemicals, packaging, and equipment. In each of the platforms, there are five life cycle categories: raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and storage, product use, and end of life. For each technology platform, there are up to 25 individual criteria, such as compliance with our Responsible Chemistry Policy, renewable material content, efficient manufacturing, reduced water use at customer site and recyclability.

25 Criteria for Sustainability