Automatic soap dispenser IntelliCare.
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Automatic Soap Dispenser Intellicare Automatic Soap Dispenser Intellicare

A complete hand care solution: IntelliCare™


Understanding the importance of hand hygiene needs for infection prevention is the key to delivering safe and satisfying solutions for staff and guests to use.

IntelliCare automatic soap dispensers provide a complete hand care solution designed to prevent infection, improve productivity, and protect your staff and guests.

No matter what your industry, environment, or site requires, this versatile soap dispenser never stops working.

The IntelliCare range has the world’s first hybrid dispenser that increases compliance by seamlessly shifting from auto to manual when batteries run out.



Why IntelliCare?

Intellicare Hand Soap Dispenser Patented Hybrid Technology


Protect your staff and customers 
  • Antibacterial and sanitizers have passed stringent tests across the globe (EN1500, EN 14476...) and are effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Healthcare personnel hand rubs meet CDC, WHO, APIC, and PHAC hand hygiene recommendations
  • Non-alcohol and plant-based product ranges follow the same stringent tests as traditional products
Intellicare Hand Soap Dispenser Patented Hybrid Technology


Gentle formulas encourage hand hygiene compliance


  • Dermatologically tested -pH-balanced formulations
  • Formulations enriched with skin conditioning emollients to keep skin soft and protected against irritation
  • Triclosan and paraben free
  • Halal & Kosher certified
  • 100% natural ingredient-based range Eco-certified by European standards (Nordic Swan, EU Ecolabel, C2C


Intellicare Hand Soap Dispenser Patented Hybrid Technology



Never stops working


  • The automatic soap dispenser can switch to manual mode, keeping soap available even if batteries run out
  • Reduce complexity and maintenance across your operations with timely battery replacement and content refills
  • Customized on-site materials for support and training


A complete hand care solution


Flexible, global, effective, and intelligent, IntelliCare provides everything you need to protect your brand and public health.
Intellicare Hand Soap Dispenser Patented Hybrid Technology


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IntelliCare™ is the complete hand care solution for you, your employees, and your guests


Intellicare Hand Soap Dispenser Patented Hybrid Technology
Extensive liquid and foam options work in the same dispenser  + Both hybrid and manual dispensers


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Proud WHO partner

Intellicare Hand Soap Dispenser Patented Hybrid Technology


As a leading supplier of cleaning and hygiene solutions, Diversey is a partner of the World  Health Organization through the “Private Organizations for Patient Safety” initiative, to promote and provide better hand hygiene.



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