Oxivir Cleaner Disinfectant
A comprehensive range for all business needs

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Discover the OxivirTM Range

Oxivir is a cleaner and disinfectant for non-invasive medical devices (CE marked class 2a) and nonporous surfaces.

Based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP), Oxivir kills Coronavirus and all other viruses in just 30 seconds.

Oxivir products are available in various formats suitable for all business needs.

From easy and versatile wipes for high touch surfaces to convenient foam sprays and concentrated formulas for larger surfaces cleaning and disinfecting.

Oxivir Excel

Oxivir Excel Wipe Softpack

  • Available in 2 different packagings: by 100 and 30 wipes.
  • Secured plastic lid that prevents the evaporation of the component.
  • Substrate of 100% propylene which delivers a superior strength of the wipe.
  • Available in 26 x 20 cm. Allows to clean and disinfect 1,66 sqm with one wipe.
  • No hazard classification, no need for PPE.
Oxivir Excel

Oxivir Excel Wipes Canister

  • Includes 160 wipes.
  • Substrate material designed for low risk of leaving contaminating fibres on surfaces and efficient solution release.
  • Available in 15 x 17 cm. Allows to clean and disinfect 2,24 sqm with one wipe.
  • Canister made of 100% propylene with a secured and durable plastic lid that avoids evaporation with a reinforced hinge.
  • The translucent lid allows to check the level of wipes available. Convenient and flexible system for multi wipe or single wipe distribution.


See how the Oxivir Canister lid works


Oxivir Excel

Oxivir Excel Foam

  • Available in 750 ml foam trigger.
  • Woolsafe approved.
  • Ready to use for faster disinfection, applied as a foam, no rinsing required.
  • No hazard warnings.
  • Does not contain respiratory irritants.
  • Suitable for use in high risk areas including ICU, OR, NICU and patient rooms.
  • Applied for VAH listing.
Oxivir Excel

Oxivir Excel Concentrate

  • Available in 2 x 5L canisters and 6X1L in designated markets.
  • For large surfaces cleaning and disinfecting, to be used in bucket and spray bottle.
  • Dosing and dispensers available for dilution control that provide an excellent cost in use.
  • Spray trigger (pre printed) available for ready to use solution.